We bring dogs
and borrowers together

We bring dog owners and dog enthusiasts together, establishing new friendships and providing dogs with more excitement and variety.

Team Sibi Joshi

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Team Sibi Joshi

Who’s behind Happy Puppy?

We are Joshi and Sibi. We were born in rural Austria, but our love of technology and design drew us to the city of Vienna.

How did you get the idea for Happy Puppy?

When you grow up with animals it’s hard to imagine life without them. Sadly, independently of one another we’ve found that workloads and the locations of our apartments within the city have made owning dogs unrealistic: A small apartment without a garden, a stressful job in the media industry... What can you do?

Having previously studied together, after a long period we ended up finding the time to grab a coffee together and discuss the state of the world. We don’t remember how the conversation turned to friends’ dogs, but it was a ‘eureka’ moment:

We realized, it’s not necessary to own a dog to spend time with one on a regular basis! What’s more, owners have more time for other things and the dogs enjoy twice as much attention, as well as more exercise, fun and games.

It’s a win-win-win situation for everyone!

That’s how Happy Puppy came into being, and we discovered there were countless other dog enthusiasts in a similar situation:

  • Families with children who would like to see what it’s like to have a dog before the decision is made to acquire one.
  • Students with long breaks between lessons, or who like to get out into the countryside to study, and would love some canine companionship.
  • People in full-time employment who can’t take on the responsibility that goes with having their own dog, but would love to spend time with one from time to time.
  • Senior citizens with time on their hands and who would love the company of a dog.

This service brings pleasure to dog owners, too: It’s not necessary to pay for an expensive dogsitter anymore when the four-legged friend can’t go on a trip or a night out. Even if the dog is only alone for a few hours, the better alternative is to find someone who’s prepared to give the dog a run-out and attention free of charge. Why pay for a dogsitter when there’s a far better alternative?

The dogs will tell you all about the last of the three ‘WINS’. In our experience, making friends with other humans and extra exercise does them a world of good.


In the meantime, Happy Puppy has become a large social network for people and dogs. The platform is a place to find regular dog-sharing contacts, and a starting point for new friendships and valuable relationships.

Happy Puppy offers the opportunity to initiate specific searches for like-minded dog enthusiasts, to converse with them, to share photos and videos of happy times and long walks with dogs, as well as offering many other items of interest.