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Questions & Answers

  • What is HAPPY PUPPY?

    HAPPY PUPPY is a dog-sharing community that brings together dog owners and dog borrowers to divide up the overall tasks of looking after a dog, or simply to give the dog an extra opportunity to make friends, play around and run about.

    We define dog borrowers as people who like to spend time with dogs, but don’t have the facilities or desire to own their own.

    Once dog owners and dog borrowers have identified each other via the website or app, they can arrange a three-way meeting. If the owner, borrower and dog(s) are all happy with the chemistry, the new borrower can spend time with the dog(s), without the owner. Now the owner has more time available for other obligations and activities.

    It’s a win-win-win situation all around:

    • Dog owners with lots to do and little time can be sure their four-legged friends are in good hands
    • Dog borrowers can enjoy spending time with a dog without the full-time obligations of ownership
    • Dogs enjoy more attention, variety and exercise

  • Why should dog owners register for this service?

    Happy Puppy is great for dog owners for lots of reasons:

    • Perhaps you feel your dog would like to go out for an extra walk or run, or have another opportunity to play fetch and meet other people
    • Maybe you don’t have as much time for your four-legged friend during the day as you would like, as is common when heavy workloads and family problems occur.
    • You might want to go on vacation or go away somewhere where dogs are not permitted – or not safe.
    • You don’t have, or don’t wish to pay money for a dogsitter.
    • You need to know your dog is being well-looked-after by someone who really cares, and not someone only doing it for the money.
    • Perhaps you would like to give dog enthusiasts the pleasure of spending time with a dog although they don’t have the facilities or opportunities necessary to own a dog.
    • You are looking for a chance to make new acquaintances that may develop into solid friendships.
    • Maybe you would like to become part of a large social network for dog enthusiasts, become friends, and meet and get to know like-minded people in your area.

  • Why should dog borrowers register for this service?

    Happy Puppy is great for dog borrowers for lots of reasons:

    • You may love dogs but not have your own dog. Perhaps your apartment is too small, or pets are not allowed to be kept there. Maybe you work long hours and can’t always find someone to look after your dog.
    • Some people would like to keep fit or spend more time outdoors, in parks or the countryside. Dogs are a good source of motivation.
    • Maybe you have a child who would love to have a dog, but you need to be sure it would be a long-term commitment and not just a pre-Christmas fixation.
    • You wish to spend time with a dog and remain flexible organizing your timetable.
    • Perhaps you would like to do dog owners (and their dogs) a big favor.
    • You are looking for a chance to make new acquaintances that may develop into solid friendships.
    • Maybe you would like to become part of a large social network for dog enthusiasts, become friends, and meet and get to know like-minded people in your area.

  • How do dogs benefit from HAPPY PUPPY?

    HAPPY PUPPY is not just a great opportunity for dog owners and borrowers, there are several benefits for dogs too:

    • More chances to get out and run around in the fresh air
    • More affection, attention and time to play
    • Meet new people and their dogs and learn good behavior

    First, you’ll make new friends in the company of your owner – so there’s a chance to sniff around and, if you’re happy, you can meet up more often.

  • Is dog-sharing good for dogs?

    The term dog-sharing is somewhat misleading, as sharing is usually applied to material objects. This is the ‘sharing is caring’ sense of the word – giving two people or families the chance to share the care of the dog in question. It’s similar to putting a child into the care of a kindergarten or child-minder.

    As a rule, owners tend to restrict the circle of borrowers chosen to look after their dogs. These acquaintances are made during initial and follow-on 3-way meetings. Who would put their beloved canine pet in the hands of strangers without a good impression of who they are?

  • Is my dog safe?

    One or more 3-way meetings are the best way of getting to know potential dog borrowers well enough to trust them with your four-legged friend. We recommend parks and other verdant outdoor public spaces. If there’s a sense of mutual trust, the borrower can visit your home to see the dog in its domestic environment.

    It’s solely your decision about whether to trust someone, and who you trust to be left alone with your dog.

    In general, our dog borrowers are trustworthy people. However, if you require more reassurance that your dog will be in good hands, ask the dog borrower to make a copy of his/her ID for you, or limit your search to PREMIUM members (marked with a star in the profile). By paying for membership, they have already demonstrated their good intentions. Should a matter come to legal action, the payment record will provide indications of the individual’s identity.

  • Where are there active HAPPY PUPPY communities?

    HAPPY PUPPY would like to express a warm welcome to dog lovers from the USA, Canada, UK and Australia, and is already a frequently-used and popular community in the German-speaking regions of Europe: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and South Tyrol.

    Users can register in any country, but we are currently focusing our attention on growing the user communities in these countries.

    It’s easy to find like-minded dog sharers on this platform, especially in cities. Our community is now expanding in smaller towns too, so it’s getting even easier to find people wherever you are.

  • Do I need to pay dog borrowers for their services?

    No! Dog-sharing on HAPPY PUPPY is voluntary and free. It’s for people who care about dogs. Moreover, as a rule if a dog is looked-after by a third party, dog insurance only provides coverage if the dog was looked-after free of charge. We recommend you check this with your insurer.

    If any member of the HAPPY PUPPY community requests payment for their services, please tell us. Go to the profile in question, click the three dots symbol at the top right of the screen – then click on report profile!

  • Who bears liability in the case of damage?

    Third-party liability dog insurance is not obligatory in all states. However, we expressly recommend such insurance coverage in the case of dog-sharing.

    As a rule, damages occurring during third-party care are covered by such a policy, as long as care is provided on an unpaid basis, as is the case with the dog borrowing services provided via HAPPY PUPPY. We recommend dog owners check up on this issue with their insurers.

    Dog owners can state whether their dogs are covered by insurance on the dog’s profile. To be sure, dog borrowers should make sure they ask the owner again when they meet.


  • Daniela

    I recently registered with Happy Puppy and was contacted just one day later. I met my dog-sharing match while on vacation and we hit it off from the start. We all got on really well - owner, borrower and dog, so we’re going to stay in contact. We’d never have met like this under normal circumstances.

  • Rebecca & Martin

    Whenever we plan something without Lotta, our Saint Bernhard, she has the opportunity to spend time with a really nice couple who, due to their jobs, don’t have time to own a dog full time. If they suggest taking the dog with them on a day out, Lotta really loves the extra attention and exercise. There have already been two meetings, and for Lotta and our new dog-sharing partners it was love at first sight. All I can say is that this is a fantastic idea!

  • Achim

    I’m single and live with my dog. Now and again, I need a dogsitter, and this site has given me a means of finding several dog-sharing partners – students, families with kids and various others, too. I never knew how many people were so interested in looking after a dog without any financial motivation.

  • Rita

    3 months ago, it was just me and my dog walking into town. Happy Puppy provided a great opportunity to get to know three really pleasant students who were really keen on taking my dog with them when they went on walks. When the timing’s right they look after her when I go out dancing. I’m delighted to see my dog so happy. It’s so much easier to hand her over now.

  • Olivia & Daughter

    We got to know Fine through Happy Puppy. For me the aim was for us to spend some time with a dog without immediately buying one. We’re also able to ease the pressure on the owner. We take Fine on Thursdays, and sometimes look after the dog for a couple of days running. The experience has already made our lives so much richer.

  • Paul

    I was able to find someone in my local area via Happy Puppy; someone I can definitely rely on, who cares about animals and sees it as a chance to help me by looking after my dog when I don’t have the time. It’s an ideal solution; better than kennels, and that’s better for my dog, too.